Choose From An Assortment Of Free Play Money Templates To Download And Print!

It’s ALL FREE here with no copyright restrictions. Use these play money templates over and over again for your games, educational lessons, math examples, and to teach your kids money handling skills with fun designs. Some templates are in Microsoft Word formats to allow you to customize the money templates for your school, office, party, or lesson.

For dinosaur lovers, there are cool “Dino Dollar” templates! For general play money usage, there are also fun smiley templates that can be used for all kinds of games and lessons. If you know how to use Microsoft word, you can download and use our basic word template to make all kinds of custom play money bills which help personalize your lessons so kids take a stronger interest in what you are teaching or playing. There are so many things you can do with them! Our most popular downloadable play money templates are the “add your face” bills. A tutorial video will show you how to use these bills, step by step, to create fun money that has any person you wish to fill the presidents face of the template. We have a ton of visitors that find these so much fun to use! We typically recommend that you simply purchase color paper to print on for different denominations of the bills.

Got an iphone, ipad2, or ipod touch?If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or ipad2 you we have a Play Money Creator iPhone APP that you can download and instantly create custom play money and print from your phone with airprint, or email to yourself to print off any computer. Also, $1 from every app purchased gets donated to ZOE Children’s Home (our charity of choice) to help their fight against human trafficking and protect orphans. Simply line up the subject’s face with your device’s camera and instantly create a bill to print!

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